Feedback on the Facilitated Dialogue Process

The purpose of the Office of Conflict Management Services (OCMS) is to assist employees in resolving workplace conflicts that are interpersonal (rather than legal or policy related) in nature. It is our aim to reduce workplace stress; enhance employee behavior, mental health, and physical health; increase faculty, staff, and supervisor retention; and support civility, diversity, and inclusiveness. We would appreciate your feedback on the facilitated dialogue so that we can improve our process. All feedback is confidential, will be used for program improvement, and only reported in the aggregate.

Please rate the following from 1 to 5 where:

1=Strongly Disagree, 2=Disagree, 3= Neutral, 4=Agree, and 5=Strongly Agree.

1. I felt the facilitator was impartial.
2. I felt the process was respectful to both parties.
3. I felt my voice was heard.
4. I felt that communication was improved between me and the other party.
5. I felt the facilitated dialogue helped resolve my concern.
6. Overall, I was satisfied with this experience.
7. I would recommend facilitated dialogue to a colleague who is experiencing interpersonal conflict with another colleague.